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Restaurant uniform

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Uniforms for hotels and restaurants is one of the areas hardest uniforms in uniform rows. Must really have experience and deep understanding of this sector to be able to provide a good service.

Some requests need of uniforms HOTEL RESTAURANT:

Criteria and design consultancy is necessary.

Demonstrating the style and culture of hospitality: Chinese restaurant, Japanese restaurant, restaurant Au ...
Consistent with spaces: Design closely intertwined between style and color analyst for harmony.
Demonstrate professionalism: Uniforms must reflect the nature of work of the wearer: management, service, housekeeping, reception, chef, bartender ... so requires designers must understand the nature of work the hotel's restaurant.

Criteria for reliability
Hotels and restaurants often have industrial washer and friction to the high detergent. Should advise the material withstand high friction, the material to be processed for creating color fastness material and limit the ruffled feathers. And should have checked the actual words to assess reliability.
The criteria of the dynamic:

This is the service sector should be required to wear comfortable clothes for active operations while working. Designs should be easy to wear garment form, create a comfortable, just the right size when communicating politely enough.

Criteria of size.

Appearance is very important to size criteria garments are appreciated.

So Vikor have sufficient capacity to serve areas HOTEL RESTAURANT uniforms?

All these criteria were drawn to what we experienced and has done it successfully in the field of hotel and restaurant uniforms.

Our customers:

Restaurants Sorae (Japanese restaurant), restaurant Sanfulou (Chinese restaurant), hotel Renaisance, Sheraton Hotel, Hotel Caravel, Hotel san restaurant First ...


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